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Hey beach babes! We cannot believe it’s finally feeling warmer outside and all we can think about are those relaxing beach days under the sun. You can see the excitement all over social media on instagram, facebook, pinterest, and twitter as it is plastered with boho beach clothing and tropical vibes. We have all seen it.. that perfect influencer beach pic in cute beach clothing that totally looks straight from a women's magazine. But how do they do it? It can’t be that easy, right? WRONG. Whether you are a sporty babe with high waisted shorts, a bikini top, and rad glasses or you’re a flirty babe with a sundress and floppy hat we have easy style tips for you! And no, you don’t need a yacht or private island to qualify. All you need is a passion for fashion, your fave clothes, a working camera, and you’re set!

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“If you didn't Instagram it, did it even happen? the millennial philosophers of our day would hasten to ask. And the answer is – nope.” - Mashable

Beach clothing can be as little or as much as you want! Whether you are a simple babe or full out diva, there are endless ways in the sun to express yourself through your beachy attire! Keep reading to find your perfect match..

Okay babes, the obvious first piece is your swimsuit (duh)! We are in love with these trending suits and think they are must haves to add to your ultimate beach clothing collection! Want to throw it back with your clothing for the beach? Try a high waisted bikini or high-rise style! They extenuate your legs and are flattering from every angle. These swimies will have jaws dropping in different patterns, colors and textures!

Once you have the basics, try something like a beach dress that looks effortless. Pastels and neons are the craze of the season, and you can never go wrong with a patterned maxi if you wanna grab a bite after your beach day! Not to mention, beach sundresses and a straw hat are the perfect combo for that breezy insta pic! Or, if you want a more badass babe look, try those ripped high wasted shorts over your suit with some rad sunnies!

What about shoes? Honestly, you don’t have to stress about this category because after all, you are at the beach! But for those post beach plans, we would recommend some leather sandals or your favorite flip flops! Or if you are a laid-back babe, just ditch the shoes and enjoy that sand in-between your toes!

Okay, now we are getting somewhere! Your next step to the most instagrammable beach outfit is of course, ACCESSORIES! You saw it coming, right? The key to not overdoing it, to give it that effortless feel is try dainty jewelry. A necklace and fun earrings never hurt nobody! There are endless possibilities to take your beach clothing to the next level! Try a hair scarf with some big dangling earrings for a total glam look. Or if you are a little more on the modest side, a gold dainty pendant necklace and small hoops will give you a subtle shine under that golden sun!

Let’s talk hats! This may be our favorite part of beach clothing because it adds the finishing touch. If you want that cute boho look, try a straw panama hat or floppy hat. There are so many different kinds of straw hat this season, so find one that is YOU! You can never go wrong with a Brixton hat as the finishing touch and not to mention it is a quality brand that we adore! The best part about a hat is it can firstly serve you as protection from the sun alongside some sunscreen! But it ALSO is a killer prop for those beach pics! Don’t underestimate the power of a good hat.

Now that we have our bold swimsuit, fitting beachy clothing, golden accessories, and a good hat, we are set! Prepare for all the stares as you slay that beach! With a little confidence and a good outfit, your day is looking a little bit brighter! Now, it’s time to grab that fun instagram pic and soak up the sun!

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” ― Coco Chanel, The Gospel According to Coco Chanel: Life Lessons from the World's Most Elegant Woman

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