Tips to Achieve Boho Fashion Looks

Tips to Achieve Boho Fashion Looks

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Bohemian style is everywhere these days and to the average person, it may sometimes seem difficult to achieve, but it doesn’t have to be! The first step to achieving a beautiful boho look is knowing what boho really is. We first have to answer the question “what is boho fashion?” Boho means something so different to everyone but it basically is just a way for everyone to showcase their own sense of style. Being unique is so much fun especially when it involves clothes and that is all boho fashion really is!

Achieving a boho fashion look is easy whether the look you’re going for is simple or extravagant! Its all about pushing your own limits without going overboard! Traditional boho looks always incorporate a few different things and some bohemian fashion styles include things like:

Tips to Achieve Boho Fashion Looks
  1.     Natural tones. Natural tones look good on everyone! What I mean by “natural” is the simple colors like nudes, beiges, grays and sometimes even blues and greens. The colors are the simplest part of a boho look. The piece can be something as easy to style as a cardigan or it can be the extra part of your fit, like a funky top! As long as the tones are natural, the piece (or pieces) will be easy to style!
  2.     Lace and crochet. This could be seen as one of the more difficult parts of boho style, but it shouldn’t be! One way to make this easy is by making the lace or the crochet part of the outfit one specific piece, like a lace top. The Edge of Rome Top and the Escape to Mallorca Top are two perfect examples!
  3.     Flowy elements. Flowy pieces are one of the easiest parts of creating a boho outfit idea! Flowy pieces can be something as simple as a flowy dress, which can be either short or long, for example the Adella Slip Dress from Free People! A flowy piece can also be a simple pair of pants of even a cardigan!
Tips to Achieve Boho Fashion Looks
  1.     Patterns. This is where creating boho outfits gets fun! Patterns are normally the most interesting part of an outfit and when creating a bohemian outfit patterns are nothing less than interesting! Patterns can be easy by simply wearing one piece that is the same pattern throughout, or you can make it more fun by wearing a two piece set of the same pattern, like the Summer by the Riviera Set! Another fun way to pair patterns is to do two different patterns with two different pieces. This can be difficult, but just making sure the colors match is the most important step!
  2.   Accessories. Jewelry, hats, bags, jackets, and even shoes to name a few! This is where you can really go all out on an outfit. The number of accessories can make or break an outfit. Going overboard can make you look tacky, and not having enough can make your outfit look too simple, but it shouldn’t be that hard! Start off with the necessary items, like a bag if you have a lot to carry, or sunglasses if you’re going to be outside on a sunny day. And shoes, well you’ll definitely need those! The easiest way to pick out accessories is just to chose something that compliments the rest of the outfit and makes you feel confident!
  3.     Confidence! This is the most important tip to have boho style! Confidence is the best part about any look we can create and if you know you look amazing, everyone else will think so too! Confidence is all about knowing how beautiful you are and showing it off in the best way you know how!
Tips to Achieve Boho Fashion Looks

What is the boho look? Well, it is whatever you say it is! It all about wearing what you want to make you feel the best about yourself. In bohemian fashion styles, you can incorporate any of these simple things and look amazing! You can push the limits by adding more of the complex things and less simple ones, or be simple by doing just a little of each.

Those were just a few tips on how to look boho! It’s all about being comfortable and confident in your own skin. We all know you’re beautiful, you just have to know it and own it!




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