Trend Alert: Summer Boho Style Outfits

Summer Boho Style

Boho fashion is almost always associated with warm weather, and guess what babes, summer is here! Now is the time to start dressing in the boho chic summer outfits that you have been dreaming of all year long! The warmer weather won’t be here long, so take advantage of it while it’s here.

What is an easy way for you to get a trendy look for summer you may ask, well there are many ways for each and every one of you to be able to achieve boho style this summer. This is a list of some items to make your boho summer outfits easy, and they can be paired in so many different ways. These are some of the boho fashion trends that we have seen on the rise as summer gets into its hottest months.

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  1.     Animal print. This seems like something worn almost exclusively the winter months, but with this Wild Honey Nights on the Town Dress, it can be worn during any time of the year. Pair it with some cute sandals and the Night on the Town Purse in Black and you’ll be boho summer ready!
  1.     Grunge fashion. I know, I know, the ‘90’s are coming back and a lot of people aren’t here for it, but with our new T(H)ORN VINTAGE line, everyone should be! This line is a new twist on ‘90’s style and its super chic! Pair any vintage tee with a pair of jeans and some heeled booties for a night out or with a pair of jean shorts and some sandals for a day of summer fun!
  2. Midi and maxi dresses. These have been trendy for a while now, and luckily for us, they aren’t going anywhere any time soon! Putting on a dress is one of the easiest ways to achieve a boho summer look because it is effortless. You will look put together, but you only had to choose one thing from your closet. 
  1.     Biker shorts. No, I’m not talking about going on a bike ride with your girlfriends, I’m talking about the adorable yet comfy short version of leggings! These may not scream boho to you, but boho is all about being unconventional and dressing how you want, and with biker shorts you can be super cute and cozy. Biker shorts can be paired with a big tee or with a crop top and they will be chic no matter what!
  1.     Stripes. It might seem a little basic, but stripes are everything this summer! Whether with the Adriatic Sunset Striped Top or the Bandits Mid Waist Shorts in Zephyr from One Teaspoon, stripes will have your summer boho style on point! They are easily paired with a plain pair of jeans or a simple shirt, or you can express yourself a little further by mixing patterns. This is a simple yet effective way to achieve a trendy boho look.


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No matter what brand you shop, you can create a chic summer fit! We have something for everyone to be able to express their edgy or classic boho outfit dreams. Whether in the office or at an outdoor festival, we have something perfectly made for you! Women’s boho clothing can seem a little intimidating at first, but once you get started you won’t be able to stop! It is all about expressing yourself in ways that you can’t do without clothing.

Boho means something completely different to everyone and that is why we love it! It is a way that you can showcase your style and be unique in this world where everyone wants to conform. Being different is the best part about you and showing your boho outfits for summer is one of the easiest ways to show the world (and your socials of course) that you are beautifully one of a kind!

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No matter what type of summer boho outfit you choose, just make sure to pair it with the best accessory, your smile. Be confident in your skin and your chic outfit and live it up! Summer only happens once a year so take advantage of it!



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