Winter Boho Styles all Year Long

Winter Boho Styles all Year Long

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As much as we love winter fashion, we are so ready for warmer weather and sunshine, but before long the weather will start to get cooler again!  With the warm weather here, the offseason is the perfect time to save money on discounted winter items and build your closet with some of the best pieces that you may not have been able to afford. And, it’s only a month or two until the latest fall and winter pieces start hitting the floors so we want you to be prepared to be on trend and warm! It’s a great time of the year to take advantage of winter sales and these are the perfect guilt free way to grab your winter faves! We know boho fashion is insanely popular in the spring and summertime, but winter bohemian outfits are easier to create than you think! We also absolutely love pieces that can be worn in the summer and winter months, and there are so many items you can do this with! If you’re unsure of how to do that, we’re here to help bring boho vibes to your winter clothes and help guide you to the cutest bohemian pieces you can wear all year long!

Bohemian winter style made a huge name for itself in 2018! Just because it’s not as warm outside, doesn’t mean your clothes can’t make a little sunshine! We loved the way winter clothes strayed away from the norm this past season and we think that trend is here to stay! From kick flare pants, maxi skirts and dresses to stylish booties, killer hats, sassy sunglasses, and flowy blouses with bell sleeves, 2018 really did that.  We are so happy to say many of the styles that happened in 2018 will also be creating our fave winter boho outfits in 2019!

Winter Boho Styles all Year Long

But what is to expect for winter 2019?

Here’s a list of our top 5 trends to shop from last season and look for as soon as the winter styles start hitting the floors that will be perfect for 2019 bohemian winter clothes!

  1.    Statement jackets. We saw fur jackets and blazers in winter 2018 and we loved this trend! We think jackets in 2019 will be full of fur, patterns, and fun colors! So go ahead, buy that fun fur jacket you couldn’t get over last season, you don't want to regret it! And keep an eye out for fun jackets that are launching this year because your favorites might not last long!
  2.    Statement booties. Yes, yes yes. White, prints, pointy toe, sock boots, mules. Winter 2018 killed the shoe game and its only up from here! All your favs from last season will be back this season and we’re so excited to see where it’ll go from here!
  3.    Trench coats. We saw a comeback of the trench coat this season and we think this is here to stay! Bring a little creative style to this classic with a trendy pair of sneakers or dress it up with heeled booties! This coat is so versatile, trendy, and chic!
  4.    Midi/ Maxi Dresses and Skirts. So chic, so boho, so cozy! Stay warm and stylish in long skirts and dresses! These pieces are so versatile and easily styled with shoes, hats, and accessories like rings and fun bracelets to fit your perfect idea of boho winter vibes!
  5.    Hats. Whether you’re into the fiddler cap or a fedora, hats are so on trend for next winter as well! It’s the perfect way to stay warm and also elevate any look! We loved seeing you lovely ladies ditch the whole “I’m not a hat person,” mindset and branch out in 2018! In our opinion, the more accessories the better so bring on all the hair accessories!
Winter Boho Styles all Year Long

Now, let’s talk about women's boho winter clothes! Boho winter style isn’t as hard to achieve as you may think! While most people associate boho fashion with warm weather, we like to think clothes are a representation of ourselves and who’s to say we can’t always look like we’re dreaming of Cali? Boho winter fashion is classic, chic, trendy, and adventurous! Whether you’re into statement pieces like ‘70s inspired tops and bottoms, or classics like flowy maxis and blouses, there’s definitely a way for you to make it your own! Boho style is all about being inspired by the lifestyle of free spirits! It is personal, vintage, rule-breaking, unconventional, and charming!

Some great brands that can help create these coveted boho winter outfits are Free People, For Love and Lemons, Cleobella, and Brixton! By shopping these brands, we know you’ll be able to build the perfect bohemian winter wardrobe!

Free People prides itself in rooting their collections and designs in femininely, courage, and spirit! They’re a timeless brand that focuses on quality and affordable clothing! You can definitely see the creativity, personality, and free spirit vibe in their clothing!

For Love and Lemons is a brand cultivated in the principles of confidence, femininity, and individuality! It is designed for the woman unafraid to take risks, forge her own way and embrace a bit of adventure! For Love and Lemons collections are inspired by travel, art, life milestones, and vintage finds! We love the attention to detail this brand exhibits!

Cleobella is a free-spirited, bohemian brand that is designed for the woman who is confident, full of love and life, and effortlessly beautiful! Their clothes are inspired by embracing life, loving nature, people, and adventure! We love the way this brand embraces the human spirit and how their clothes reflect each person individually!

Brixton is a modern, yet timeless brand reflective of the easy-going Southern California lifestyle! Brixton was created by three friends who wanted to convey their Cali lifestyle through unique and quality pieces! From their trendy fisherman hats, to fedoras and wide-brim styles, a Brixton hat is the perfect way to complete any outfit!

Winter Boho Styles all Year Long

We know you babes are curious as to what “winter” pieces can worn all year long and we’re here to help you stay as cost effective with your pieces as possible! We’ve curated a list of the pieces you can shop from winter sales, that are easily wearable all year!

  1.    Blazers. We loved this boho chic, classic look this winter! Blazers are perfect because they’re lightweight and easy to layer! They’re especially perfect for spring and fall! We love these paired with tennis shoes for a grungy, boho look!
  2.    Lightweight sweaters. Sweaters were so on trend this past winter! Sweaters with holes, lightweight sweaters, cozy sweaters, off the shoulder sweaters, and cropped sweaters. All of these can be worn in spring and fall, as well as winter, and even for chilly summer nights!
  3.    Maxi dresses and skirts. These are such an easy way to add boho flare to your look! These easy to wear, effortless pieces can be worn in all seasons and that’s why we love them! They’re so easy, so cool, and so boho! Pair these dresses and skirts with sandals, sneakers, or heels!
  4.    Long sleeve crop tops. Long sleeve crop tops are easy to wear all year long! Perfect for summer nights and spring and fall, these crop tops are the perfect way to add boho vibes to every season!
  5.    Denim. We saw high rise flare denim come back in style this past winter and we know this trend is here to stay all year long! Pair these bottoms with platforms or ghost booties for the ultimate throwback ‘70s vibe!

Remember to embrace the boho trends that make you feel most confident and create your own personal twist on boho fashion, because after all, the boho vibe is birthed from each individual!

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.



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