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We are big fans of accessorizing with jewelry! Whether you love the everyday go-to pieces or the bold, statement pieces, we’ve got all of the earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings that you need to complete your outfits. Some of our favorite chic jewelry trends right now are tortoise earrings, tassels, layered necklaces, dainty chokers, and stacked rings. These trends are perfect for dressing up for a special occasion, or just wearing casually with your everyday look. Whether your style is boho, classic, or trendy we have a variety of styles so you’ll be sure to find the pieces of jewelry that you love and complement your style. We love jewelry that is good quality and stylish, and we know you’ll love it too! Shop jewelry here!

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Jewelry is equally as important as the clothes we wear. The accessories we choose to wear make a bold statement to the world about who we are. Embrace your bohemian side and express your vibes through our extensive collection of boho fashion jewelry. Whether it is tortoise earrings or bracelets, tassels, layered necklaces, chokers, or stacked rings, add that extra something to your life and your wardrobe. BitterSweet’s extensive collection of boho style jewelry pairs perfectly with any look, whether it’s a casual or dressy outfit!

Boho chic clothing is often layered and colorful and bohemian fashion reflects a love of nature, free-spirited lifestyle, and a peaceful and relaxed attitude. With women’s boho clothing and bohemian fashion, your world of accessorizing is endless. Over accessorize your body with jewelry that screams boho fashion style with BitterSweet’s extensive collection of accessories that are too cute to miss! Complete your favorite outfit with the right accessories such as bags or purses, fedora hats, fisherman caps, and of course, the perfect pieces of bohemian style jewelry.

With a boho gypsy inspired style, you can go above and beyond your creativity by not worrying to much about matching. Mix and match your favorite prints and patterns and show off your amazing personality! Don’t be afraid to combine your favorite prints and patterns and don’t be afraid to over accessorize. Indulged yourself in the many ways you can layer jewelry with that boho chic perfect outfit. Whether your style is boho, classic, chic, fresh, bold, or neutral, complete your look with the perfect pieces of jewelry that will let your personality and boho fashion style shine through the roof!

Add a hint of edge by completing your look with boho style jewelry such as chokers. Chokers are a simple yet dramatic touch on the typical bohemian style that everyone loves. Complete your bohemian chic look of loose and flowy fabrics with boho fashion jewelry such as tassel earrings. Add some length to your style with our boho jewelry of layered necklaces for a whimsical and romantic look. You can never go wrong with a trendy layered necklace! Pair this boho gal jewelry with a low cut, chic top or a cozy and soft knitted turtleneck. Layered necklaces are boho gal jewelry that are perfect for any outfit, and for any season.

Tassel earrings are in trend and are always fun and playful! Whether your outfit is one that is casual, vintage-inspired, formal, or classic, tassels earrings are the perfect bohemian chic earrings that can go with any style. Complete your night-out look with a pair of black boho style tassel earrings for an edgy and bold yet feminine look. On casual days, complete our bohemian outfit by accessories with boho jewelry designs of tassels that are simple designed and are of earthy tones for a subtle yet pretty finish to your outfit. If you wish to keep a classic style, we’ve got you! Complete your perfect everyday look with BitterSweet’s modern version of hoop earrings or basic yet stunning stud earrings of your favorite designs that pair perfectly with your bohemian chic look!

Don’t forget to dazzle up and accessorize with boho style rings! Boho jewelry rings are fun, fun, fun! Adjustable in size, our boho fashion rings are perfect for stacking and completing your fun, trendy look! We offer silver boho jewelry as well as gold! Our bohemian jewelry ranges from designs such as double jewels, stars, finger wrapped and more!

You can’t have cute earrings, stunning necklaces, and flattering rings without…bracelets! Boho gal jewelry from our trendy online clothing boutique offer the cutest pieces that are irresistible and are a necessity for your bohemian style! Top of your edgy, boho, or trendy look with boho style bracelets that add a fun and feminine taste to your chic look and are super easy to take on and off.

The perfect bohemian romantic look can easily be achieved with boho fashion jewelry. You can achieve a trendy “over accessorized” look by matching layering delicate necklaces, stacking boho jewelry rings, and boho style bracelets. When you plan a bohemian style outfit, your options are endless. Style your boho chic look with bohemian chic jewelry with any of your moods, whether it’s boho, sexy, urban or classic.

Don’t wait for that festival that comes once a year, show off your bohemian soul daily and embrace your boho style everyday looks with trendy outfits and free-spirited vibes! Complete your everyday bohemian chic outfit with boutique style clothing and a boho twist by adding bohemian style jewelry from a chic clothing store. Shop BitterSweet’s trendy online clothing store and bring your boho vibes to your everyday urban look. Shop at one of BitterSweet’s local boutiques located in Charlottesville, Lynchburg and Roanoke, VA. BitterSweet is also an online clothing store with boutique style clothing that provides quality, trendy clothing and accessories for women of all ages! Keep up with the latest trends and shop with BitterSweet! Our large, yet curated, selection of items to choose from allow you to feel happy and confident in your choice of style that can range from trendy maxi dresses to boho jewelry rings.