the bittersweet story

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Since 2001, when we opened our doors in a small shop in Charlottesville, Va, we have been striving to provide quality boho chic clothing, trendy clothing, and classic women's apparel for women of all ages! We pride ourselves on our passion for style, maintaining quality while also keeping up with the latest trends, and our desire to make women feel happy and confident! We try our best to provide our customers with an array of top designer brands, a variety of styles from the latest trends to classic staple pieces, bohemian and boho chic items, products at different price points, and a large selection of items to choose from. Whether it is a cute boho top, trendy handbag, stunning dress, trendy chic jewelry, and everything in between, we want you to find your perfect item!

We truly want our customers to have the best shopping experience and hope we can help either in stores or at our trendy online clothing boutique! In 2017, we opened up our second store location in Roanoke, Virginia, and in October of 2020, we opened our Richmond, Virginia location in the heart of Cary Town.  Furthermore, we are so excited to have launched our online store in early 2018 so we can share the femininity, passion, and adventure we find in our everyday lives that continues to ignite our passion for life and for fashion, nation and worldwide! Our goal is to be a boho clothing store, trendy clothing store, and classic clothing store, all while maintaining quality and curated boutique style clothing.

So, who is our BitterSweet Babe? She is a free-spirited adventurer who boldly takes on the world. She is embracing her uniqueness, and can’t help but express herself through her trendy, bohemian, and classic style. She wears her clothes with effortless confidence while continuing to learn about what makes her feel beautiful and strong. She isn’t interested in blending in with the crowd and has decided to follow her own path and embrace her individuality. She is open to trying new things and challenges herself to go beyond her comfort zone, embracing risks in the hopes of discovering something rare and electrifying. She is effortlessly confident and passionate about life and embraces her edgy heart and bohemian soul. She is a hardworking student, dreaming of her perfect future with no clue of what’s to come. She is a woman in the office, working a 9-5. She is a mother loving her child. She is a girl, still learning about herself. She is you. And she is me.

There is a piece of this girl in all of us, and we are all on the journey toward becoming more confident, more adventurous, and more of the person that we deserve to be. From small daily victories, to unbelievable feats, each day brings us something wonderful. How we choose to live our lives is simply up to us, so why not make it our mission to live our life to our fullest potential?  However, no matter who you are or how you live your life, we believe your style should complement every little facet of what makes you, you. And style is so much more than a trendy floral shirt or a cute pair of distressed denim, it’s about how you carry yourself and how those pieces of clothing make you feel! What’s important is not the future, or last month, what’s important is today. So throw on those edgy distressed jeans that make you feel like you can rule the world, and add a boho chic top that makes you feel like you might as well be on vacation in Hawaii, because in the end, we want to provide you with a chic clothing store that offers pieces that will make you feel like you're on top of the world!

Wherever life takes you, we’re here to help you stay true to yourself and we truly believe that your style can have the power to inspire you to do anything. From our trendy brands like For Love and Lemons, to our bohemian brands like Free People, we hope that our stores will provide you with exactly the topsdressespantsaccessories, and anything else you need! In the end, don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want and don’t settle for anything less.  We do our best to sell something for everyone, and our goal is to provide you with the resources and tools to make you feel bold, happy, and confident. When you come into our small town boho chic boutiques or shop online with us at our trendy online clothing store, our hope is that you will find everything you need for your wild adventures, bohemian daydreams, everyday occasions, and all the little moments in between. We would love for you to follow along with us on social media, via instagram or facebook! Each week we also post a BitterSweet spotify playlist that we share on our Instagram! Furthermore, follow along with our A Day in the Life Blog or our pinterest for all the inspo! Thank you for supporting our small business!