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Baby, it’s cold outside! Just because the temperatures are dropping doesn’t mean you have to drop your style! From faux fur jackets, to cardigans, to leather or denim jackets, to the trendy teddy coat, we’ve got the outerwear you need to stay warm AND stylish! The teddy coats or lightweight cardigans are perfect for fall days at the pumpkin patch, and the faux fur coats and leather jackets are perfect for a snowy day in the city. Whatever your style is and whatever the occasion is, we have outerwear for the girl that is timeless and chic, or edgy and fierce, or trendy and daring. So if you have the perfect outfit and you just need to add a layer to compliment your look, or if you want to highlight a bold, statement jacket, we’ve got you covered! You’ll never have to give up your style for the sake of staying warm every again! Shop outerwear here!

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Outerwear is always one of the best additives to any outfit to give you just a bit more spice! Here at BitterSweet we love a good boho chic jacket to add just a bit more warmth to an already fashionable and trendy look. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to change your style! Just add a fun, trendy, and fashionable women’s boho chic or trendy coat to give you the look you desire while still dressing with the weather! We have some of the best boho women’s jackets online and we are still obsessing over how cute they are! These trendy boho jackets are perfect for fall, winter, and spring and create the perfect pieces for any season!

Faux fur jackets are a staple in everyone’s closet! At BitterSweet, we have so many brands that carry some of the best boho women’s faux fur jackets that come in a wide variety of colors and styles so you are sure to find something that fits your unique style! Faux fur coats are so on trend right now and it can never look bad with any outfit! Women’s boho jackets are perfect for nights in the city when you need something to cover up with and keep warm! Check out Somedays Lovin or Amuse Society for some of the best trendy, boho Faux Fur jackets! With a faux fur coat you are sure to keep heads turning under the night city lights!

Cardigans are the best layering piece for any outfit! They are perfect to wear with a causal tee or tank to give you a little bit more warmth as the seasons are changing! Or, if you need something to spice up an outfit for work you can throw on a boho cardigan over a stunning women’s boho blouse that still keeps you in style while at the job! Boho women’s cardigans are a great additive to any outfit. You can rock some of the best brands of boho and trendy women’s cardigans such as Sage The Label, Free People, and Gentle Fawn! We are still obsessing over these chic cardigans as they are perfect for any outfit! Even on a bit of a warmer day you can still match a cute and trendy women’s boho cardigan with a pair of shorts and a tank top just for a bit more layering!

Leather and denim jackets are perfect for when you are looking for something a bit more edgy to add to your outfit. These boho women’s jackets are a great transitioning piece as we move into different seasons to keep us fashionable and trendy at all times. Women’s boho leather jackets are perfect for nights out on the town over a bodysuit and paired with some light wash ripped jeans! Denim jackets have always been a perfect piece that look great on everyone! Taking it back to the 60’s when these boho women’s jackets made their appearance in our world! Denim jackets are absolutely perfect when you are having a slightly more casual day and wearing a pair of black ripped jeans and a solid color tee shirt. Denim can add so much to an outfit and look so trendy without even trying! A good boho chic denim jacket can always be a statement piece in your closet and with that being said, you are just in luck because here at BitterSweet we have some of the trendiest boho chic women’s denim jackets! From different patterns and styles, you are sure to find something to spice up any kind of outfit!

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a warm and trendy boho coat on a chilly day that will still make your outfit look as good as can be! Here at BitterSweet we are loving on the ever so trendy Teddy Coat! Boho women’s teddy coat’s are perfect for adding something to any kind of outfit whether it be casual or very fancy! The teddy coats are so boho chic and perfect for early morning coffee dates or a chilly Sunday morning brunch! These boho women’s jackets are at the peak of all fashion trends right now and we are planning on keeping the teddy coat in style forever! Check out Sage The Label or Finders Keepers for some of the cutest women’s boho chic teddy coats!

Without a trendy boho jacket we would be out of luck during the colder months! Thankfully here at BitterSweet we have some of the cutest women’s trendy and boho jackets that are adding all of the warmth and fashion we could ask for! With all of the unique styles and patterns we have, you are sure to find the perfect women’s boho chic jacket that fits your amazing style! So don’t worry about changing your style just because of the colder weather, check out some of our awesome boho jackets online! Shop with us in Roanoke, Charlottesville, or Lynchburg,VA or of course at our trendy and boho chic online boutique!